Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Oh well, I finally have my driving lesson! hahahaha. And it's like damn damn damn scary! I really don't like driving. It tortures me mentally and physically (foot cramps). I have to look out for sooo many stuffs, traffic lights, cars, lorries especially, pedestrians on the road, people who are riding the bike, motorcyclist, clutch, oil and so so so many stuffs. Damn I hate driving. I almost drive into the longkang today and get scolded like hell :S ish lah, I memang don't know how to control the sterring. steering? sterreng ahhhh whatever.

I will have another miserable night later. I am so refused to start working on my very very last 15 marks assignment. It carries a lot of marks you know :( Due date is tomorrow. I am starting LATER. I have to find articles, redo my drafts, write a piece of NORMAL essay (if i can) and the worst part is, Memorising the essay! *@^@^#*@((!&!%^!% feel like puking all the bad words out of my mouth man FML.

Sorry lah, my blog is really dead now x.x I don't know how to live through this. Grrrrrrrr.

Anyway, thanks for my friends who are concern about me and who help me in my assignments sometimes :) I am really thankful for it.

*I don't care, even next week is my final right, I am still going to have my awesome movie day this week hmph!*