Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Panda Eyes

Picture taken last year with the yellow gang :) I miss those moments. 

Well, come home earlier today. Feel so tired, feel so damn sleepy my eyes are like half closed all the time. But I still want to update this very stupid post before I sleep! hahahaha! Good right? :P 

Today, IS A GOOD DAY! :)) Although nothing good happens, but at least nothing bad happens :) yeay! Happy enough. I have my calculus test this morning and this is the first time I take the test without revising or whatever and know what, I can dooooo!!! oh yeaa, so random man. Usually I study like hell then turn out I definitely screw the paper. But this time, I just do whatever I remember and *i think i am right, hopefully* so I assume that I know how to do. hahaha. 

Another thing is, my last-minute-prepared slide presentation. I just have my topic like one day before the presentation, and it's not like I know the topic, I DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT. The worse thing is, I don't bother to know but for this stupid 5 marks, I have to go and find out why all these bullshits are happening. lol. I actually prepare my slide till 3am and I haven't even practise like what should I say or elaborate. So, I am damn worried about it the whole morning. Who knows, yeahhh my turn is on FRIDAY! :P but for sure, Miss Thava's mood on Friday will not be good, she'll not be as patient as today but yah, I have to really go prepare myself *i know i still won't* gah forget it. 

Mr.Chuah is also not teaching today! woohoo makes me feel so good ;P because with my uber duper want to sleep condition now, I can really suffer a lot in his class. At least today he makes us write which can actually keep me awake. heh heh. and he easily gives us 3 marks already! it's so nice of him! :D I know he won't let us fail kao kao one. hehehehe. thank you sir! 

Alright, enough of sharing my happiness hahahahaha! 


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