Thursday, February 25, 2010

We are 5S1!

Had a CNY gathering with the s1 on chu 6 evening.
We gathered at Aeon then walked to Jessie's house.
*OMG at first I thought we didn't have to walk. =(*

Picture by tts! So lovely =D

so funny lor tts xD

And, we saw Nedu's car on the way in Botanic! ISH ISH ISH.

Tracy, En and I =)
Love this picture.

The commanders =D

We had lao sheng! =DDDDDD

Okay, we were too messy liao!

Zhangyik, Svenja and Tracy =)

En and I during dinner time

Chiavoon, wanhuay, bkee, meeihuey, me myself and elic! hahahaha

We saw fireworks too!

Svenja's boyfriend of Yann Herng!

We wanted to surprise jessie and molly! hehehe.
Tracy made this cake! so pretty!

Made wishes!

Cut the cake!
*More pictures in my facebook!*

Mememe, vanessa, tracy, en =D
perfect four, perfect picture.

We were from 1A!
Acting cheng kia and cheng porrrr.

bee and I!
OMG, she's so prettieee =D

En and I

With Svenja


Wei Neng

Lastly, group picture!

I had lots of fun that night!
thanks to s1!

Loves =D

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