Friday, February 12, 2010

I'll miss you

Hehehehe, I am going back to my hometown this evening. =) what a long long journey. I think was last year, omg the jam was really terrible. We took off around 9 or 10 pm and reached Penang early in the morning at 5 something. Ish! I can go rotten in the car.

Getting sick during chinese new year is the worst thing ever! OMG, somemore there are so many HO LIAOs in Penang I definitely can't be sick! =( If not I will miss a lot of food. Maybe God wants me to keep fit? hehehehe. Sigh* Anyway, falling sick is like a TREND already. So so so so many people are sick! =( So sad.

Forget about it.

Here by, I wish you guys Happy Chinese New Year and GONG XI FA CAI! Oh, by the way, I also need to wish you guys Happy Valentine's Day! =) May you spend your 14th feb with full love and happiness.


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