Friday, February 26, 2010

6s CNY Gathering

Had a gathering with the primary classmates on chu 7! =)
First place was at en's house.
Aiyorr, she memang loves to gamble. XP
Hadn't have our breakfast then started gambling already.
She was the banker of course.

Next, Jil's turn to be the banker.

LOL, like what they said, she had lose-money-face after the money-face! hahahaha.

LOL, money face!

Then, all of us walked to Tracy's place.

And, camwhored in her house =)

Of course, gambling again!
This time evon was the banker.

Most of us were very hungry already.
So went for brunch at Mr.Kaya.
The food there still okay only, not very nice.

The girls!

The next station was bk's place.

Hehehehe, in Bukit Tinggi 2!

Elaine and Ling Jing at the park
watching ...

JIL! hahahahaha.

At bk's place, we were not gambling! hahaha. We played games!
Quite fun =)
And coincidentally the tennis gang visited his house at the same time!
Woah, so many people in the house! -,-

Weipin lost so he had to perform chicken dance!
En was the second loser but hers was video. LOL.
And I promised not to upload at any places in the web.

Next, at shao qian's place!

Thanks to bk's parents, shaoqian's parents and evon's sister, we could go to ambang botanic by car instead of walking! hahaha.

I left there.
Because daddy insisted to go back, so I missed the party at evon's place.
Yor, so sad.
And en told me her house is very very beautiful! LOL.

After the family gathering, I went back to kailin's place to meet them.

We were playing games again =)
Had so much fun!
I lost once and was forced to imitate how pig oiks!
Duh, I memang fated as a pig.

Yung wen hahahaha.

The last station was jil's place.
That time was already 10.30 something at night already!

Group picture at en's house! hehehehe.

Take 2! wheee =)
If compare with our standard 6 picture, woah, so much different lor!

A long day.
Had fun too! =)


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