Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brand new experience

thanks to tts, we were able to participate in the costume parade @ dong chan shi on chu 5. =)

Before the event started, we walked aroud in the temple.

And I met my species there =D

Most of us are 5s1! =D

Costume Parade!

Group picture

Qian shou guan yin =D

the environment is pretty nice, but the weather is toooo hot!

shadows =)

Okay, time for make-up.

the result. Do i look like a space ranger? I don't think so.

Pjing =)

Kailing =)

Bk with the tiger head!

Pjing with the tiger ears!

Thuan song with the full tiger costume!

Beekee the xian nv =D she is pretty dao bao okay!

Jessie the greenie

with En the space ranger. ISH.

with Bk the pirate.

two pretties =D

with bee the super prettie! =)

stupid pirate xD

CLOWNS! ish so colourful! =D

Aiya so wasted that I was not a tigerwoman. =P

Lastly was the group picture after the parade

Had a lot of fun that day. =)
But I had musclesache everywhere xD hahahaha.


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