Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life's good. =)

Monday, I followed my sister to Pyramid. well, she finally decided not to go skating and accompany me to go shopping =D hahaha. And, I no need to have my dinner alone. =)

Tuesday, wahahahaha. it's a FUN day. =)


Monday, I was a supernoobie. Yesterday, I was a SUPERGIRL. hahahaha. xD I cycled for 6km and walked about 5 to 6 KILOMETER up and down the hills. it's kinda hard. But, for the sake of losing my weight, i havee to do so. =P hahaha.

This is the cactus valley.

I don't think we should make a wish there.
The road NOT taken.
Pjing is sooo adventurous. She decided to climb the Bukit sapu tangan to reach the peak of bukit cahaya. and the whole journey there was quiet and numb. No one dare to speak loudly. The leaves waved to the right and to the left, kinda scary. xD I was mumbling "e mi to fo" through the way. The road was grassy, like nobody has been travelling on it. We don't see anybody on the road, just THREE of us, and i am always the slowest among them. =(

We finally gave up and walked back. =P hahaha. spot my tee ? Do the RIGHT thing. owh, it's so dangerous man, to continue our journey to the peak. hehehe.
It was a long long way to go back to the main entrance. Pjing and I were lacked of energy to continue to walk. So, we stood on the road and hoping that anyone would give us a car pool. Finally, a lorry driver was willing to help us. =D hahaha.

We had to sit inside the track.

'go long go long' Go go GO ! xD

Tired but FUN day. Too bad he can't join us. =( heh heh.
p/s : the pictures are from =)

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