Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun !

Yesterday went to Lagoon with three of my girls. =) hahaha. It's sooo fun to be with them !!! =D hahaha. Among four of us, I'm a reallll coward. xD They had fun riding roller coaster but i almost fainted up there. xD sooo scary !!! I feel more comfortable at the water park, not really scary. xD It's FUN !! wahahahaha. =D we took a few pictures only, hahahahaha.

OMG, i miss that moment. *-)

after lagoon, we went shopping at pyramid. =) wheeee !!! we bought shoes, shorts ... bla bla bla. I spent rm250 on that day. =( how sad. Haih * but nevermind, as long as i had fun ! hahaha.

I'm happy to be with you all =) hehehe.

=D =) =] =} =P

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