Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'll take my words back xD

Pjing, i have to take my words back. hehehehehehe. My maid is BACK again. lOllllllllllllllllllllll. Because we are all lazy to do the houseworks. Ehhhh, but i am the third most hardworking among all the siblings already =D hehehe. Cheers for me, at least i'm not the laziest one right ?

Anyway, from last time till now, we never do chores for more than four days. xD hahaha. Once the fifth day reaches, we will just leave everything aside d. hahaha. Very irresponsible right? lolx, tak boleh salahkan saya =P I really cannot get used to it. =x

Anyway, recent life is sooo dull and boring, nothing special. Everyday the same routine, schooling, having tuition classes, day dreaming, sleeping, homework-ing. Haih. They are allll soo BORING. =x

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