Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fill the vacant in me

sorry, I am really busy lazy to update my blog. I am so lack of sleep already, so I have to just sleep more :p

A very brief update:

look I am back in Kwang Hua for st.john 13th Anniversary celebration! :) and oops, with my messy hair :x

and, I am quite happy to meet up with all the oldpals ;) we yellows! 

Taylor's ADP 15th Anniversary is this Saturday. And I volunteer myself to help with the preparation. So, I will be kinda busy till that night. But, I am happy with what I am doing :) at least I don't stone at the concert since my socializing skill sucks like anything. 

Oh, speaking of socializing, I just had my second presentation in interpersonal communication class. The title was BEHIND THIS FACE. We had to present two items that best described your personality. And, ermmm, I chose a mirror and a pyjamas. I bet you guys know why :p hahaha! I still got like super nervous and I don't think I did it well :s 

SLEEP TIME! ciao :p

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