Friday, July 22, 2011

Jilyne darling!

hey hey! 

sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time, guan yee actually asked me about that :) woah thank you! errr, previously was quite stressed up due to alot of stuffs. Had activities to attend and new syllabus to study. 

Well, Jilyne darling <3 was back for her holiday :) wheee! and know what's the best part? She came to college to surprise me with her present! :D woah, I never knew that she would come back for a holiday because she never told us! Then that morning, kailin was acting very strange suddenly mentioning about jilyne not coming back to M'sia until this year end. But I really didn't think so much lah because she told me that they just skyped last night. 

Then after class, I actually wanted to study for my calculus exam but she insisted me to accompany her buy a drink at Starbucks. I confirmed something was wrong at that time, she was behaving so awkward suddenly XD fine then, I followed her to starbucks and I still didn't see jilyne even she brought me to the table next to her. hahahaha! kailin was damn epic she stood there then I still didn't realize about jil's presence then she eventually walked to the next table then only I saw jilyne! lol :D stunnned. but so happy! hehehe! 

Chilled at Backofen <3

the girls <3

One day before she went back to Aussie, she actually wanted to meet the 6s-rians up but non of them could make it except for me and tracy. Don't care, the gathering was still ON so we girls just hang out at Aeon :) hehehe. and she brought her polaroid for picture picture! 

super like this picture <3 ! :P

more super liking this picture! :D 

I wish I could visit you in Perth :) muah! 

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