Thursday, June 23, 2011

People like me

Got so damn embarrassing when I was pumping petrol at Shell station :s 

You know what happened, 

Alright first, I stopped my car at one of the column. Then I got down from the car to use that shell card. I inserted the card. but the instruction asked me to remove the card. I was like what the hell! I hadn't even key in my pin number and stuffs then you asked me to remove card. So I removed my card and no longer looking at the screen. I inserted again! removed again! inserted again! removed again! omg I didn't know how many times I had done that so I asked my sister to help. Yuan lai, after you removed the card, you just had to key in your pin number and stuffs. I was like what the hell I never knew about that :p 

The next thing I did was of course open the "petrol door" errr, I didn't know what was that so I assume that it was the petrol door. haha! mana tauuuu, the petrol door was at the opposite sideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! damn damn damn. I left the column and headed to the opposite column. well, this time, that stupid card wouldn't function! so, I asked for help and I got like such a loooooooong receipt where it could measure from my head to my waist. stupiak. 

So the worker there asked me to use the column behind. fineeeee, I went to turn one round and I was supposed to turn right to the column but, the funniest thing ever was I totally forgot that the petrol door was at my side! I still thought that it was on the other side so I figured hm, I'll go another half round and turn right from the front! shittttt. luckily I didn't do that. The whole world would laugh at me like shit. :s hahahaha! I FINALLY REMEMBERED BEFORE I DID THE TURNING! so I quickly went one more round to get into that column. The worker actually asked my sister "you punya kakak tengah main-main kan?" Laughed die me. 

After everything was done, FINALLY, I got into my car and sister told me that just now there was a woman approached her and asked whether "your jie jie know how to pump petrol or not? if she doesn't know I can teach her." hahahahahahahaha! laughed die me x.x hahahaha! well, I was like damn high profile at the stupid petrol station. Oh my god, 我可以再痴呆一点的.... lol! 

Speechless kan? 


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