Friday, July 24, 2009

Relaxing =)

hahahahahahahaha. I am soo Happy again. xD do you guys know why? because i skip tuition class again !!! wooohoooooo, that will be the happiest thing for me. hahahaha. xD

People in 4s1 are getting crazier and crazier, don't know why. LOL. God bless us.

And today i should use the free time wisely, but i didn't. I just spent the leisure time doing useless stuffs like dreaming, onlining, watching lame tv programs. owh, i regret. =( now, i have to find somemore time to complete all my works and jobs. GRRR, super angry to mention that. i mean, i am angry with myself.

I'm missing my cosy bed, so chaozzz =D

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