Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm stupid because I'm blur.

Today has an interview at Klang Parade food court. zzz, alamak, we are so pity that we are not allow to go into the school compoud and forced to have the interview at the food court. weirddddyyy. Anyway, i volunteer myself to be in the very first group because i want to go back early !!! xD hahaha.

Then, i take a bus ALONE to aeon. sooo Lonely. xD

Watch Harry potter and the Half-blood Prince. And, *don't laugh at me* seriously, I don't really understand how the whole story goes, but i know one thing ! the half-blood prince is Snape is it? xD hahaha. Just like the previous time, i was soo blurr when i was watching terminator salvation and kept on asking questions. -,- conclusion, do not watch movie with me, i may be very annoying. xD hahahaha.

Boredy boredy bored. Lots of homeworks must be done by monday, so i need to rush. But i don't have the motivation to do so. owhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - someone please help me. -,-

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