Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheeeeeeeerrr !


hehehehehe. Summary of the day - 050709

Went to watch National Cheerleading Competition 2009, and the performances were BRAVOOO !! =) hahaha. *a big applause for th'm* All the girls were sooo confident and pretty as well. =) hahaha. Never regret going there although it's a little exhausted. xD aha.

pictures from Tracy's blog -

the greenish supportersssss =D *we just sat right in front of them*

the crowd.

the co-sponsor : MARIGOLD products.
by the way, the main sponsor was SILKYGIRL =)

three of us. Muahhh.
and not to forget, i'd a golden opportunity to watch the Malaysia team and the international championS performing cheerleading, and they were all AWESOME. hahahahaha =D ]
How good if i were a part of cheer too =) hahaha. I'll definitely have a lot of fun. lol bluehhhhhhhhh, dream on =D

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