Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lin's birthday celebration!

Surprises don't work nowadays. heh heh. lin told us straight in the face that she wanted us to celebrate her birthday together and go have a good lunch :) 

We went to empire gallery and were thinking hard of where to eat. We ended up at Rakuzen, japanese foooooood! <3

*I just like how we girls gossip* :p

the food was pretty goood :) This was mine, curry don! awwwwwwwwww, damn nice I tell you! :p

kai lin asked everyone of us to wear a dress! haha! Alyssa was like damn frustrated but eventually she wore something feminine! yeayyyy! :) she is very pretty, isn't she? :) from the left, zhi ying, me and alyssa <3 GIRLS. 

seee, I know that I sounded like a lesbian but apparently I am not one :p

kailin and I, was camwhoring in the toilet omg! :p

After lunch we wanted to go to neway. zhi ying followed my car and we went to buy a birthday cake at RT before going to Neway. heeeee, the cakes looked so goodillicious! 

The sad thing was, I had to go home early for my ballet class that afternoon. But I managed to eat the cake and took pictures with the birthday girl! :P hehehe! much loves! 



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