Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm so relieved!

that the toughest week of all is OVER!
it is finally over!!!!!!!
I am feeling over the moon. hahahaha.
I feel so relieved,
although I didn't do very well in those tough papers.

Add maths, I did very badly in paper 2. :(

Biology, worse. I slept at two am the night before. I was feeling soo sleepy during paper 2 and I quickly simply did it then slept on my paper 45 minutes before the paper ended. No one did that. I was so awful. Don't know how it would be when the result comes out.

Physics, better although I only started revision from form 4 chapter one the day before. Damn, my revision was so last minute! Father nagged me, he said I should plan my timetable to do revision properly and never burn the midnight oil. Phew, I did! but, the timetable was no use for me. It was something dead and it couldn't do anything to me even if I went against it. hahahahaha! Did my revision until 3am and I still had 3 long chapters to do, I thought I would fail badly. I slept lah, I didn't care. hahahaha! The next day in school, I piaaaaaaaaaaaaaa until so hard and finally managed to finish all the stupid chapters left before the paper. -,- I was super nervous, later mr.wong releases my paper how? ISH.

Now, I have taken one day on leave! hiak hiak!

Starting my chemistry revision tomorrow (do hope I can do so).
I don't want anything last minute again, the feeling is super duper pek cek, feel like giving up everything liao. hahaha!

STUPID MID-TERM, so meaningless.

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